Perfect Concealer!

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Perfect Concealer!

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:27 pm

I have discovered the perfect concealer you can't find anywhere. A persons skin varies depending on his/her mood, the time she wakes up, length of sleep, what diet she's currently on, how she's feeling (sad, happy, agitated). It can vary on the climate of the place she's currently in, the weather, or even what color she's wearing because colors can reflect on our skin. All this means is that the skin tone varies in so many ways. Have you ever noticed that people tend to tell you're glowing when you're happy or you look pale when you're uneasy? It becomes the foundation or makeups job to give your face a definite color. But what if you have naturally blemish free skin and only wear concealer for undereyes or the tiny zit that suddenly popped up? That is why we don't recommend only one shade of concealer even if you wear foundation. Some foundations can 'detect' your shade and blends with your skin shade. Lets' get to the juice of this story...
So the perfect concealer is to combine Christian Dior Long Wearing Moisturizing Concealer 410 with Dermablend Chroma 3 Honey Beige in a small pallet. You may use other shades that you feel comfortable combining if these two shades can't produce the shade you're after. It glides perfectly on the skin and if you think it's too dark, just add Christion Dior, if its too light add Dermablend or vice versa if you bought the darker shade in Dermablend.
The technique for applying it is to dot your face with your forefinger - DO NOT DRAG your finger, just dot. Keep dotting until you have the desired coverage. This formula lasts throughout the day.
Viola! Perfectly concealed eyebags and zits!

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