Why do We Need to Project an Image?

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Why do We Need to Project an Image?

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:26 am

Just how important is an image? Who cares if we go to work in flip flops? Who gives a rats ass if we're wearing makeup? I'm too tired or too lazy to put on decent makeup...

Today, I will talk about IMAGE. What it means to your inner self and to others. Does it really matter? How big of a deal is it?

I've been observing personal image as well as corporate image for a business. I will talk about personal image first.

When I was in middle school, only a few girls wore makeup. There was this one girl who I thought was a beautiful girl, and there was another not so pretty girl, but this girlwore makeup. Guys would talk abouther like she was the hottest thing on the planet. Some guys thought the first non-makeup-weaing girl was pretty, but didn't talk about her like they did the second girl. As I look at the yearbook now, the no-makeup girl really is prettier, but she didn't dress to impress or wear any makeup or accessories at all. The second girl is probably not half as pretty, but guess what? She dressed a little bit over the top. She wore makeup. She wore clothes other seventh graders wouldn' know where to buy. While our moms bought our clothes, it seemed like Jennifer Lopez was her shopping buddy. Some girls wanted to be her, some girls hated her, all the guys eyed her. This is what image can do. It can make the not-so-pretty seem larger than life. It makes a woman's hidden beauty come out and be appreciated. She created an image for herself and loved the results. Because of that image, she was easily recognizable, she was very popular, she projected a "high value" for herself, she was an icon of sorts.

It's basically the same for companies.Given two companies: a bank and a non-glamorous fertilizer store. Even if the fertilizer offerred 20% higher salary than the bank, most if not all would choose to work in the bank because of prestige and image. After all, what would your friends think if you told them you help sell fertilizer as opposed to managing accounts in a bank? Companies with good corporate image usually get the best applicants wanting to work in their company. This imageissue is just as important for companies as it is for ourselves, maybe even more. Today, it's all about image.

So try to wake up a little earlier to put on decent makeup. Do think about your clothes and wonder if they represent the image of the person you want to be and what you want the world to see. It's better to own less things but with good quality than own a lot that quickly becomes useless or tacky. Accessorize. If you want to stand out, go right ahead. If you know how to handle it, standing out and being noticed isn't so bad. Advantages and more opportunities might even come your way.

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